High School Esports. The Smart Way.


developed by Riot Games, is one of the world’s most popular video games. It features team-based competitive game modes based on strategy and outplaying opponents.


Parent - Burnaby School District

Stephen Murphy

I really value the focus on strategy centred games, I think this extra step will allow my son to develop problem solving skills with an oppotunity to earn a scholarship for esports, very excited about this. 

Coach - New Westminster District

Daniel Francis

I've talked to a few students about this and I think this will increase student participation in extracurricular activities. I really like how it was easy for me as a teacher to understand, I think any teacher with a bit of interest will spend less time and enjoy coaching on here, it's easy! 

I'm really excited for this to happen and hope our school will join the program. I played League of Legends outside of school but being able to represent my school means a lot to me. 

Alumni - Vancouver School District

Aden Zhang



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