Esports is a team-based competition under clear rules in a video game setting. Esports requires all the teamwork, cooperation, problem solving and leadership skills of any traditional sport. 

Short answer - Anyone! Students who are enrolled in high school are eligible to participate on a high school team and compete for the provincial championship.  

Every school has to have an esports coach  for all matches.We mandate that teams to  have an approved coach. Coaches should 

be members of the staff. Which leads to 

increased security and safety for 


Yes! Hundreds of universities and colleges  are providing tens of millions of dollars in  esports college scholarships. The number is growing considerably each year as more  campuses implement esports programmes.

GameSeta is based in British Columbia, Canada and provides the infrastructure and 

technology for high school esports. We are 

collaborating exclusively with game 

publishers and provinces to build and operate a sanctioned league across Canada.

Many schools already have the computers 

that are needed to compete. If you have 

any inquiries about IT, specifications or  equipment, please let us know. We'd gladly  help you out of here.

Throughout the regular season, teams 

compete online from their home schools on 

the GameSeta platform. The only travel that 

could be necessary will be for in-person provincial championships.

Reach out!  Our experts would love to meet with your school. This is the best way to get support and learn more about GameSeta. Contact Us through the submission form below.  

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